that rhythm is infectious!
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One Gif of Shawn & Gus Per Episode || Season 8 ||Episodes 7-10+the musical||

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Psych | Spellingg Bee
     Are you one of those weirdo compulsives who come to the same restaurant, sit in the same chair and eat the same food every day?”

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I’m the resident psychic here. My name is Shawn Spencer.

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psych challenge: [3/4] relationships - shawn spencer & burton guster

"if i had the chance to do it all over again, i wouldn’t change a thing. you’re my best friend, and we got the chance to live out our childhood dreams."

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psych challenge[1/5] characters - shawn spencer

"ladies and gentlemen, i will be your narrator. my name is aurora borealis! there are over four hundred stars in our galaxy, maybe more. no one knows for sure. many have said the universe is even larger than the indian ocean. that is why it is called infinitum staroctopusium. ah yes, our glorious constellations, take a look. over here we have one with a guy holding some sort of thing. over here, our beloved olympic rings, all seven of them. and here’s one with a fish."

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