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"All this time, you took after me. And where was I?"

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In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hayley Atwell confirmed she will appear in AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON. “[Joss Whedon and I] went out drinking one night and he was like, ‘You know it would be great to write something for you.’ And I was like, ‘Yes Joss, it would! It would be amazing!’”


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can we talk about how they’re sitting around with beer and take-out chinese but there are fucking candles lit like they don’t want to ruin the ambiance of this fine dining experience and Rhodey and Tony have the nerve to be dressed the fuck up in suits with ties for this shit


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I can’t believe this actually happened

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The world just got a whole lot bigger.

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To love and kiss, to sweetly hold,
For the dancing and the dreaming.
Through all my sorrows and all nights,
I’ll keep your love inside me.

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I laugh each time I see Toothless in the background, happily showing off to Cloudjumper. They’re so adorable.

I love how in literally half the scenes of this movie, when the human characters are the focus, you can always see the dragons in the background…dragoning

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So the only reasonable way I saw fit to calm my feelings about this movie was a simple solution. DRAW ALL THE DRAGONS. Guys go see HTTYD 2, hands down it was probably the best animated film I’ve seen in a while.

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One of the best moments in the movie <3

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"Hiccup and Toothless have been out there mapping the world. They have taken that viking map and they’ve been adding pieces to it in every direction." (x)

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