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The Flip Side

Yeah i broke my own heart.

facial reference examined from the Cap 2 featurette and political animals.

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I’m with you to the end of the line, pal.

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goldandlights said: A few months post Cap2, Steve’s at a coffeeshop when Bucky shows up. Without hydras constant ‘caretaking’ his condition is starting to fall away and he’s very confused (also: ptsd).


"I didn’t know where else to go"

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I’ve been watching Natasha in action since the 1950s, but she never fails to amaze me. Such graceful beauty. So beautifully efficient.

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"Even when I had nothing I had Bucky"

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“That’s why he doesn’t kill him. That’s why he saves him. That end scene to me was always like: ‘I don’t know what this is, I just know I’m supposed to do this right now. Whatever this is, I’m supposed to protect this for some reason.”
- Sebastian Stan on Bucky’s mindset when he decides not to let Steve die

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