that rhythm is infectious!
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art trade with kileha!!!!! 

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|| Top Moments In The AA Verse ||

you just tell me that they’re not a married couple.

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hello 911 yes

marvel is releasing a 71 minute movie titled Iron Man & Captain America: Heroes United

yes i’ll hold


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cue the disgusted gagging noises of all other characters in marvel

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 Anonymous asked:
I actually like to imagine that Steve and Tony are pretty serious about and really good at keeping their relationship secret (because so much of their lives aren't private) - and the public and media don't find out until YEARS into their relationship



one of their favorite hobbies is laughing at all the gossip rags saying that tony is dating soandso and that steve was seen having coffee with natasha which obviously means they’re getting married!

the way the media actually finds out is about 5 years after they start dating… by virtue of a tweet from the official stark industries twitter

it’s a picture of steve asleep, laying on his stomach, shirtless. his mouth is open, face a little squashed by the pillow, his hair is a mess and there’s a nice little lovebite on the side of his neck.

but it’s the ring on his left hand, curled and resting on the pillow next to his face, that’s the focus of the picture. 

the tweet itself says: “I’m keeping my name. Rogers’ Industries just doesn’t have the same ring to it. -TS”


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I wanna make a whole catalogue of awkward flying positions 


I wanna make a whole catalogue of awkward flying positions 

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ooh, gosh. ooh, darn.


ooh, gosh. ooh, darn.

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 exfatalist asked:
rachel, i keep picturing drunk!steve acting like a nice drunk girl. like thor takes him to asgard and steve doesn't realize his supermetabolism won't be able to handle asgardian mead and he gets SO DRUNK. eventually, thor finds him in the bathroom telling fandral how shiny and great his armor looks~




fandral is just soaking up the attention and being really taken with steve and then steve compliments him on his beard and fandral leans in all conspiratorially and tells steve that it’s actually a little secret but thor found this wonderful little thing on midgard that comes in a small tub and you leave it in your beard for a few minutes and when you wash it out it’ll be soft as a wood nymph’s behind! and steve just nods seriously because he’s legitimately interested in what fandral is saying

and thor is just smiling brightly at two of his good friends becoming friends until he sees a certain glimmer in fandral’s eye. that’s when thor puts his arm around steve’s shoulder and pulls him back out to the ballroom saying that he thought tony was looking for him earlier 

(at which point steve just starts gushing about how awesome tony is and how handsome he is, did you notice how handsome he is, thor? and thor just nods sagely while steve extols the wonders of tony stark)

what happens when he gets to tony i need to know pls

he hugs him so hard that he lifts tony off the ground and then he goes on and on about how good tony smells and how tony is so adorable but he’s also really hot and how is it even possible that he can be both at the same time 

and then his hand slides down and steve squeezes and he tries to whisper in tony’s ear about how he has such a great ass, jeez, he could spend hours just touching tony’s ass, only he doesn’t speak very softly and natasha bursts into laughter 5 feet away

tony is too busy laughing to really care, not that he would normally care all the much because he loves steve being a little possessive, but he knows that steve would feel a little awkward about the gratuitous pda so he asks steve to put him down. steve is all pouty but does so anyway.

tony figures it might be a good idea to get steve home and they make their rounds saying goodbye, steve following tony so closely he actually runs into him a few times when tony stops walking and as they’re walking out the door tony says something quietly about getting steve to bed and steve grins brightly (and a little wolfishly) and says loudly, right when the music playing quiets down as the song switches, ’good, because i can’t wait to get your pants off.’ 

tony doesn’t even bother looking back at the dozens of eyes he’s sure are trained on them, but he does look forward to tomorrow when he can recount everything to steve.

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